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Every child can succeed in math with the right tools and support.

You want to engage and challenge every child in your class, but with so many different ability levels and individual needs, it’s easier said than done. A standard curriculum is not going to have everything you need to meet the needs of each student. But a quick google or Pinterest search will likely bring you tons of completely unrelated content, or a boring worksheet. Learning and engaging with math is so much more than a worksheet. That’s why I’m here to help.

As a Math Geek Mama member, you get access to engaging and fun resources that encourage kids to dig deeper, make connections and learn the why behind the math they’re learning. All while having fun!

“My class really enjoyed this resource (Build Your Own Amusement Park Project). When it was time to switch subjects there was a lot of complaining!”

Leyla N.

Classroom Teacher

Is Your Curriculum Enough?

Have you ever wondered if the math curriculum you’re using includes the key components that your students need for success? Here’s what you should look for in a solid, thorough math curriculum:


It teaches both the why and the how of mathematics


It includes practice with math facts


It includes open-ended challenges


It includes mental math practice


It includes plenty of opportunities for real world application


It includes lots of visual models and representations

If you’re looking at your curriculum and thinking there are some areas of weakness there, I’ve got you covered. Inside membership, you will find lessons, games and other resources to help you round out whatever curriculum you’re using.

Plus, you’ll get access to exclusive training classes to learn how to use your curriculum to it’s greatest potential.

“The greatest benefit to me is both relieving me of creating content and bringing some play back into our math. I also deeply appreciate the playful math content for the older ages.”

Homeschool mom

Some benefits of Math Geek Mama Membership:

Imagine having hundreds of high quality games and math supplements at your fingertips, ready to use whenever you need. As a member, you can login anytime to find just right resources for your classroom, math center, homework and more, with new activities added every month!


Inquiry Based Lessons to Help Students Make Sense of the Why


Problem of the Day Calendars for Grades K-5


Simple Games to Play with Cards and Dice


Exclusive Online Hangouts to Ask Questions


Convenient, Ads-Free Access to All Resources


Low-Prep Printable Games to Make Math Fun


Interactive, Hands-On Lessons


Access to Training Courses to Continue Your Professional Development

“Thanks! I can’t wait to use these (Hands On Logic Puzzles) with my students in our critical thinking lab.”

Stephanie B.

Classroom Teacher

Is Membership Right for You?

Membership is for anyone who teaches math regularly (in grades K-8) and wants to continue to learn and improve how they teach and reach their students. Members generally fit into one of these categories. Click to learn how membership can help you!

This is Me!

As a new teacher, you will love the wealth of resources at your fingertips! Find hundreds of games, hands on activities and other helpful teaching resources, making lesson planning so much easier. Plus, you’ll have the help and support of more experienced teachers, and access to training so you can continue to learn and improve.

This is Me!

As an experienced teacher, you will love being able to find fresh ideas to keep things fun and exciting. Plus, you’ll be able to share your wisdom with new teachers, and learn additional ideas and strategies to help you continue to grow as a math teacher.

This is Me!

As a tutor, coach or interventionist, you likely work with a large age range of students. Finding fresh new ideas no matter what grade or ability level you’re working with is easy inside the member site! Plus, you will have access to training to continue to learn how you can best meet the needs of each individual student.

This is Me!

Put aside the fear of homeschooling math! Inside you will find a wealth of fun ideas and resources that you can use with all of your kids, in one easy to access site. Plus, you will have opportunities to learn from experienced teachers (and other homeschool moms) so that you can give your kids the very best math education (without tears!).

Ready to Join? See all the pricing options.

Do you have a large group of teachers interested in membership? Groups of 8 or more can sign up at a reduced rate. Learn more here.

Premium Membership Features:

Premium membership offers unlimited access to the entire library of resources as well as help and support.


Unlimited Access to All Grade Levels

As a premium member, you get unlimited access to every resource for life, for Kindergarten to High School. Even new bundles.


Teaching Tips and Support

Most lessons and activities come with detailed instructions, teaching tips and variations, making your job a piece of cake. But if you still have questions, ask others in our community forum or during a monthly hangout session.


Never lose a file again! All resources are conveniently stored within the membership site, where you can easily access them whenever you need.

Monthly Math Moments: Online Q&A Sessions

Each month we’ll have an online “hangout” where I’ll answer all your burning questions and give away fun prizes.

Custom Requests

Can’t find exactly what you need? Premium members can submit a custom request to get exactly the right resource to use in the home or classroom.

Interactive, Hands-On Activities

Dozens of interactive printables and hands-on lessons to help strengthen math development.

Improve Your Teaching with Exclusive Online Training Classes:

In addition to hundreds of printable resources, premium membership includes access to all of my mini courses, helping you to learn new methods and strategies in your p.j.’s.

Each course is broken down into short, easy to digest video segments, and include tons of printable resources so you can begin implementing the ideas taught immediately.

Here’s the course schedule for the 2017-2018 school year:


Making Math Visual: Why It's Important & How to Incorporate Visual Learning Into Your Classroom

Available Now! ($49 value)


Meaningful Number Talks: Deepening Understanding & Making Sense of Mathematical Ideas

Available now! ($49 value)


Making Sense of Word Problems: Strategies to Build Confidence

Coming February 2018! ($49 value)


Teaching Math with Story Books and Literacy Strategies: Forming Meaningful Connections

Coming April 2018! ($49 value)

Simplify Your Lesson Planning with Hundreds of Printable Resources:

On top of monthly online hangouts and exclusive professional development classes, you also get access to the entire growing library of printable resources. There are hundreds of lessons, games and hands-on activities, helping you to teach in a way that makes sense and find different ways to reach all the learners in your class.

Below are just a sample of the printable bundles included, with new activities added every single month:

Skittles Math Bundle

The Skittles math bundle includes a variety of activities to explore with your youngest math learners. It covers topics such as measurement and graphing, sorting, counting, comparing, shapes, number bonds and more!

Introduction to Multiplication Bundle

This HUGE collection of lessons and games includes everything you need to introduce kids to multiplication in a way that makes sense. It includes hands on lessons, visual models, games, word problems and a list of other helpful resources. ($16 value)

"Sir Cumference" Lesson Bundle

Do you love the “Sir Cumference” books? This collection includes lessons and games to go along with the entire 9 book collection! Kids will love combining math with literature! ($15 value)

Pattern Block Logic Puzzles Bundle

If you want to give your kids a unique challenge, try these logic puzzles using pattern blocks. Includes 40 different puzzles (similar to Sudoku), as well as a blank puzzle to challenge older kids to create their own. ($12 value)

Algebra Essentials Bundle

Teach older kids? This bundle includes inquiry based lessons to help kids make sense of the most essential Algebra concepts. Covers topics such as integers, order of operations, exponents, absolute value and more. ($15 value)

Amusement Park Project

Help students explore linear equations in this fun and engaging project. Students learn and practice skills as they design and plan their own amusement park.

Hands On Fraction Activities

This fraction collection includes more than 100 pages of hands on lessons to teach fraction operations. Topics include comparing fractions, ordering fractions, equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions and more! ($15 value)

Graphing Calculator Explorations

This unique resource will help you incorporate technology into your classroom. It includes more than 100 pages of lessons and explorations on topics such as patterns, analyzing data, algebra, geometry and probability. ($25 value)

Practical Percents Resource Collection

This collection also has 100+ pages to help you teach all kinds of problems involving percents. It covers topics such as conversions, finding percent of a number, finding what percent one number is of another, finding a number given the percent and so much more! ($18 value)

Problem of the Day Calendars for 2017

Simple, daily math practice is easy with my problem of the day calendars. Currently available for grades K-5 for 2017, with more coming in January of 2018. ($16 value)

Math in the Cards: The Ultimate Math Card Games Collection

Need a fun and quick game to practice a particular math skill? This resource makes it as easy as pulling out a deck of cards! There are more than 100 games in this ebook, plus hundreds of variations and extensions. ($18 value)

The Warlord's Series Extension Lessons

Coming September 2017, my newest book based bundle is a fun new way to combine subjects! Incorporate literacy, history of ancient China and engaging math challenges with this collection of stories by Virginia Pilegard. This will include activities for all 8 books in the series. ($15 value)

Plus, SO much more, growing every month!

“Just wanted to say congratulations and all the best on your new site. Signed up for premium membership, and it is well worth it. You’re brilliant! Thank you for all the love and hard work you put into the resources you offer. My kiddo loves your site, and so do I.”

-Homeschool Mom

What do I have access to with Math Geek Mama Membership?



Access to all printable resources from MathGeekMama.com (free/paid/member exclusives)


Access to all new printables added each month


Convenient, ads-free access to resources


Access to ALL professional development mini courses (online, video based)


Access to our exclusive “Monthly Math Moments” (live, online training/Q&A sessions)


Access to the community forum + weekly “office hours” where you can ask questions


Option to submit a custom request for printable resources


Still Have Questions?

Can I purchase bundles separately?

Absolutely! I realize that not everyone will need or want every single resource included in membership, so you are welcome to purchase individual resources in my shop by clicking here. Please note, though, that not all products on the membership site are available for individual purchase.

Are these resources for teachers or parents?

Both! My lessons are designed to be used to teach kids math and have fun doing so. They can be used in the classroom, after school or by homeschooling families.

I don't live in the U.S. Can I still sign up?

You sure can. Simply check out with paypal, and you’re all set.

With so many free resources, why do I need to pay?

While I do strive to offer lots of fun and free activities at MathGeekMama.com, I also have a lot of ebooks and lesson bundles that are not free. However, as a member, you get access to every resource for life, at no additional cost. Plus, premium members can submit custom requests to get exactly what they need.

How do I access the materials?

After signing up, you will be given immediate access to all the resources on the easy to navigate site. Simply search by grade level to find what you need.

Can I cancel my membership if I don't like it?

Yes. While I will be sad to see you go, I want you to be completely satisfied and confident in your purchase. If for some reason it does not meet your expectations, simply request a refund within 30 days of signing up.

I've already purchased some of your lessons. Do I still have to pay for membership?

Yes. If you’ve already purchased some of my resources, think of your membership purchase as a pre-order of more great resources to come. 🙂 In addition, membership includes the option to submit a request, which means I can custom make something for you if you can’t find what you need.

Who is membership NOT for?

Membership is not for everyone. First, it’s not intended for preschool teachers. While some of the Kindergarten materials could be used with PreK kids, there are not preschool specific resources. It is also not for advanced High School teachers. Currently, resources cover topics up to Algebra 1. While there are a few more advanced resources, there’s not a lot at this time. Finally, membership is not for you if you don’t have access to a printer. All content in the site is downloadable pdf files which you will need to print out to use. They are not computer based. If that’s not what you’re looking for, membership isn’t for you.

You Control Your Membership:

If you are not 100% satisfied with the resources inside the membership site, simply email us within 30 days for a full refund. If you are on a month to month plan, you can cancel at anytime (or even pause your subscription if necessary).

What do you have to lose?

You want to be the very best math teacher you can be…

You want every child to leave class excited about math and confident in their abilities…

You want to meet the needs of each individual child, making it accessible for the struggling learners, but at the same time challenging the advanced learners…

This is no easy task, but I am here to help make this a reality.